Customs clearance

Customs clearance

Transway Gets You through the Bottleneck of Overseas Shipment with Practiced Ease

Many of our customers come to us after having had to learn a lesson or two about customs clearance themselves. Smart people do not rely on being able to solve all questions from afar in cases of doubt. The only way to avoid unforeseen difficulties is to have reliable partners all over the world.
Since 1983, Transway has had a network of logistic partners and contacts with customs offices, harbour and other authorities which have influence over sea transport. A perfectly prepared sea container passes through customs clearance faster and does not incur any unplanned costs due to extended storage times.

Professional Customs Clearance in the USA, India, China and the Whole World

Customs regulations not only differ greatly all over the world, but are constantly changing. We keep abreast of the situation so that we can give you early notice of any relevant new information. This can affect whole regions, countries, but sometimes even just individual ports.

We make Customs Clearance more Transparent

There is scarcely any economically prosperous country in which the customs authorities do not need to work flat out in order to do their job. It is therefore important to know where to turn to in order to get information on the status of a shipment. Many countries offer electronic information systems, but it is sometimes better if you speak the same language as the customs officers and can simply call them up locally.