Groupage consignment

Groupage consignment

Use Consolidated Loads to Save Costs when Shipping by Sea

Consolidated loads are the cheapest and most intelligent way to ship goods. With good planning, it is very rarely necessary to send containers which are only part loaded to places such as the USA, China or Brazil. When time is not the only factor, or when making the shipment in your own container (FCL) is not worthwhile, then you are well advised to use a consolidated load.

Transway Takes Care of Transporting Your Goods

We can give you individual advice on the general conditions in which your consolidated shipping is possible. We can give you an impression, however, with the following overview. If you wish, we can take arrange the transport of your general or bulk cargo to one of our depots. There we consolidate it with deliveries from other companies and then we stuff a container with the cargo in such a way that the container is fully utilized. Therefore the cost of the overseas shipping of the container is divided amongst the individual companies which are using the consolidated load. On arrival at the port of destination, our logistic partners undertake the transhipment by truck, plane or train. Transway functions as a hub for the goods and checks that the goods are properly shipped. Thanks to tracking, you can check the current location of your goods at any time.

Individual Service, also for Consolidated Shipments

The most diverse factors play a role in the overseas shipment of consolidated loads. Perfect preparation is essential, so that a poorly made declaration for one part of the load does not cause the whole container to be delayed at customs clearance. We keep an eye on this, in order to ensure that all the shipments in “our” container are made according to the usual high level.