Sea Container

Sea Container

Sea containers enable the standardized shipment of goods all over the world, irrespective of whether this is on the water, on rails or on the road. However, there is more to the term standard container than at first meets the eye. The sea containers which are used for transportation by ship are available in different lengths, and depending on the requirements, come as Reefer, Flat, Open, Top or Hicube. We can find suitable special containers for particularly demanding goods. All you have to do is tell us what you need to transport from A to B, and at what time, and we will do everything necessary using full container loads (FCL).

Sea Shipment begins with the Right Advice

The price, the duration of the shipping and any special requirements are the most important factors for overseas shipping. Additional factors include legal requirements, the peculiarities of the country of despatch and the destination country, and various other matters, which you do not need to concern yourself about thanks to our comprehensive service. We will involve you in the planning process only to the extent to which you wish to be involved, and we are always happy to advise you how you can arrange regular transports especially economically. We are a medium sized enterprise and what we offer really comes into play when a shipment is more voluminous, or is going to a region where you have little experience, or where you need all your resources to focus on the core activities of your company.

Let Us Advise You!

Please call us or send us an email. You will find it is worthwhile: with experience going back to 1983, we ensure the smooth transportation of your goods in sea containers.