Special transport

Special Transport by Sea Container

All shipments by sea have their own quite special requirements, but some are more special than others. Our services for special sea container transport include not only suitable packing and transportation solutions, but also the planning and all the underlying logistics.

Transparent from the very beginning and using pricing in line with the market, we can make you an offer which is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Transportation Solutions for Heavy, Perishable or Dangerous Goods

It is usually relatively easy to find a suitable sea container for your goods. Roll on – Roll off is also standard for many logistic companies. One of the main reasons our customers value our services is because of our experience with customs regulations, lay times and shipping routes. We can tell you from which port your special shipment can be transported by road or rail to its destination and how long that will take. Sometimes the climatic conditions in the country to which the goods are to be delivered can play an important role, and in extreme cases, the time frame for the shipping by sea has to be planned in minute detail in order to deliver your goods.

Appropriate Advice for Special Transportation

We offer a service suitable for heavy transport, dangerous goods transport, refrigerated transport, as well as the transport of oversized loads. Packed in a special container, or loaded onto a special transporter, your goods arrive safely, or are delivered to your plant. Thanks to our logistic partners all over the world, you can track the location of your special shipment. Careful planning ensures the smooth handling of customs formalities, and should you have some flexibility in your delivery deadline, you can save money by using consolidated loads.

Please call us and we will make an individual offer just for you!